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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Regenerations #1-11 and What’s in Store for #12: Part 10 Bye- Bye Cutie Pie

Regenerations #1-11 and What’s in Store for #12 A twelve part series on the episodes, serials, and one Movie that surround the most iconic piece of Doctor Who Cannon, The Regeneration and what will be coming for Peter Capaldi

Part 10- Bye- Bye Cutie Pie
        The Doctor has been warned several times by the Ood that the end of time was coming, the end was coming.  He still goes to Earth to find out why the visions point to this time and this place.  He runs into Wilf.(Donna Noble’s Grandfather)  The Doctor tells Wilf that he’s not finished yet.  Wilf tells him to leave.  The Doctor refuses to abandon Earth.  
         Then we see the Master's plan take shape.  He is regenerated but badly. (Is the Regeneration system broken down,LOL?) The Master wants to gift the Earth and all its people to the Time Lords.  Then he realizes they planned this since he was a child and were probably at fault for him being bat S^*! crazy.  In a twist, the Master saves the Doctor and is sucked back into the Time War with the Gallifrian High Council hopefully never to be seen again.  
         Then Doctor begins to travel back and forth to his companions without crossing his own time line.(don’t cross the streams!)  I think one of the most likely to cause tears moments is him meeting Rose again, for the last time, before she ever meets him and she has no idea who he is.(you’re gonna have a great year)  Also heart wrenching is the last line, “I don’t want to go”.  It’s not said begging or whining (whinging for you Brits) but like a baby bird about to fledge. The nest is nice and comfy, there’s mom and dad, free food, why leave?  But now harder times are coming because not all their prophecies are fulfilled. 
         There’s more to come.  Then the Doctor wakes up to a crashing ship and the first thing he checks is his hair length and color.  He seems more concerned about his appearance then the fact that his ship, his beloved TARDIS is literally burning itself apart.  When he lands he seems more concerned about playing with his food then fixing his ship.  Also it tunrs out this little girl needs his help.

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