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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Regenerations #1-11 and What’s in Store for #12:Part 8 UnCancelled

Regenerations #1-11 and What’s in Store for #12 A twelve part series on the episodes, serials, and one Movie that surround the most iconic piece of Doctor Who Cannon, The Regeneration and what will be coming for Peter Capaldi

Part 8 UnCancelled
In 2005 BBC decided it was time to un-cancel Doctor Who.  There was no introduction of the Doctor’s character or regeneration. They gave no background in the first story but they did choice a familiar “monster” for the first story, the Autons.  This Doctor was no longer child-like and innocence.  He was a quick witted action star along the lines of James Bond and Ethan Hunt from M:I.  He dressed in black leathers and spoke with a Northern Accent (everywhere has a north).   He had serious romantic interests in his “companion” now a true leading lady.  He even had romantic interest in men.  There are rumors that this is why Christopher Eccelston left after one year.  He supposedly didn't like the direction the story line was headed.  These were never confirmed.  He just opted not to renew his contract.  The new series gives a second new permanent character in the “person” of the TARDIS.  It seems to have a life of it’s own. It opens to show all of space and time to Rose.  She cannot handle this information or it will burn out her human brain.  The Doctor kisses her and absorbs it and causes himself to regenerate.  This also sets up the Doctor to have all the information in the universe.