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Monday, June 3, 2013

Twelve guesses for the Twelfth doctor

1.Someone no one has ever heard of- This is my number one pick.  This is the general direction they go.  Most of the doctors were unknown when they were cast.  There was only one that had a heavy TV presence going in was Peter Davidson.
      2.Hugh Laurie- He seems to be the front runner.  I personally think that he is a great actor but he brings too much baggage to the role.  The Doctor as a druggie??
   3.Ruppert Grint- He also seems to be a crowd favorite.  I could see it, but again he brings the baggage of previous roles.  Expecto patronium TARDIS?
   4.Colin Morgan- I personal like this choice but the producers would never go for it.  He was already in an episode. (Midnight) I think he has the ability to take the Doctor in a new direction.
    5.Karen Gillan- Admit it, I made you think.  It has been shown that Time Lords can control the regeneration, remember Romana? The Doctor could be Scottish AND a Lady AND a Ginger!  Hurts your head doesn’t it?!
    6.Idris Elba- I personally see him as too serious for the role but it seems worth mentioning.
    7.Andrew Lee Potts- I think he’s funny and not so well associated with any character.  He’s not too old and plays funny and bumbling well.
    8.Jonas Amrstrong- I loved him in Robin Hood. He might be a touch too serious though.
    9.Sam Troughton- Good with the comedy, loved him in Robin Hood and Bonus Pat Troughton’s grandson! 
   10.Marina Sirtis- Someone else said this.  I thought about and it would be a different way to go.  I’m not sure it would play well with all the audiences.  I love her though!
   11.Aidian Turner- He’s cute and broody.  What else can you say?  Wait, I take that back, he’s hot!
   12.Damien Molony- See above.

Okay, so you can tell I’m US based because I picked a lot of BBC America actors.  I think they will pick someone that no one knows because that is what they always do.  I don’t know why we bother picking or guessing.  If I had my druthers I would pick either Karen or Sam.  That would make my day! :)
*Thank You to for the actor profile links!:)
and the Tardis Data Core for Romana's particulars! :)