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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pledge donations for PBS

I've always watched PBS. When I was a kid I watched Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood and Where in the World is Carmen San Deigo? As I grew up I watched the after school specials. Now I watch the documentaries and music specials. The good programs always run during pledge week and I understand that, really I do. I hadn't seen a special in awhile, since their funding had been cut. The new pledge levels are $7.50, $20. and $25. But that is a pledge to donate that amount of money for a year. So actually the pledge amount is $90, $240, and $300. The corporation for public broadcasting is acting like a real corporation. Most people will sign away hundreds of dollars not realizing that they are doing so and add on to the financial misery that is so burdening of country right now. PBS is about to sit down for their end of year reports and financial statements for the fiscal year. (There’s ends in June) Please forward this or your own feelings on this and maybe we can save some people from spending money they don’t have by changing a corporation that should know better with morals that same corporation taught us.