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Monday, June 17, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary MY Guesses

What do we know?  First we know that the Doctor get called to UNIT for some reason.   Let’s assume (I know, never assume) that they send a signal out to the doctor and accidentally call 11 AND 10.  That accounts for Tennant and Billy Piper being there.  They tell him that they have a creature claiming to be Elizabeth the first in custody and they need him to verify who she is.  She says that she came through a time bubble at Loch Ness so that makes her suspect because that’s where the Zygons were last.  This also accounts for a different actress playing the role.  She turns into a Zygon but she is from the 70’s.  There is still a time bubble.  The Time War is starting to unlock from the Time Lock The Doctor (John Hurt) put on it.  Lord Benthem and The General are the First Time Lords to come through and try to warn The Doctor.  We get to see lots of CGI and Green Screen of the Time War, a regeneration or two (8 to 9, 9 to 10 maybe), some flashbacks of the doctor running away (because the doctor always runs), and we get a plausible explanation for why The Doctor get more the 13 regenerations and why regeneration 13 wasn’t The Valeyard like it was supposed to be. (Maybe he sacrifices a specific regeneration to make the Time Lock that would be a good one to give up)  Of course this is Moffat.  He lies.  The Doctor lies.  Or so we’ve been told.  It is a nice story to cover the fact that they don’t pay the researchers enough.   I think I managed to cover all the shots they’ve let us see.  They certainly have been generous with what they WANT us to see.  However, what we didn’t see it something else.  I am still half betting that the whole thing was filmed on a sound stage and the stuff we saw was staged to make us believe what Moffat wants us to believe.  The only reason that didn’t figure into my plot theory is that the Beebs is too cheap to let Moffat film and throw away the tape.  Even if those shots become an additional episode somewhere on a DVD.  I know that film will be used somewhere.  I wonder if anyone bothered to notice if the cameras they were using were 3D or not?  That would make a difference.

Okay what do you think?  Am I right?  Were they faking?  Is my Plot spot on?  Sound off in the comments!