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Friday, October 24, 2014


Do you ever?...

Do you ever feel like taking everything you’ve ever written, drawn, typed, sewn, composed, sung, played, recorded, or just in general created chucking it in a huge bonfire and lighting the match?  I really feel like I am identifying with Salieri lately, except he was a PUBLISHED composer and had fans and was BRILLANT.  Me?  I’m just a mouthy, nobody with a blog, a twitter, and lots of opinions.  That’s why I try to create new forms of poetry, like my gif poem, or the internet concrete poem.  I figure if no one ELSE has done them I can’t be shown up right? 
Sooner or later though, someone will come around with the wits to improve my paltry ideas.  After all, there are more things in heaven and earth, right? They say there are only seven stories after all.  I wonder if they have adjusted that saying to have more gender inclusive romantic storylines.  I say romance is romance, no matter who is giving and who is receiving, or how many!  The drama of a story comes from the angst.  The tenor and tone of the story can change depending on the mores and morals of society but the basis of the story stays the same.  That is true whether you change the settings or the characters or the sex!  Romeo and Juliet could be Romeo and Caesar and it would be the same story, maybe even easier to understand! 

But I, personally, have been having writer’s block lately.  Call it the 3 M’s. Migraines, Megrimes, and Monthlies. LSIDC I do love how every time a woman is in a bad mood a man everyone blames it on her period.  I was writing that men do this but I realized women do it just as much.  We may do it in a sticky sweet, back biting, condescending way, but we do.  Men may not realize the amount of cat calling and sniping that goes on between women because a lot of it is subtext.  Thing are said that are call backs to past conversations, or said between clenched teeth, or with baited breath. Women are never going to get anything from men until we stop GIVING IT to each other!

Well, I started this post trying to clear my head so that my writer’s block.  I’m not sure if that worked.  I still feel like setting all my stuff on fire.  I don’t think I’ll do it.  It’d take too long to gather it together.  But if you see a blaze lighting up half of North America…

 Alicia Keys Girl On Fire

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