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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Obession vs Adoration

I can’t tell why I like them
It’s an indescribable need
It’s a burning fire
I fixate on little details
I can tell you everything about them
I don’t want anyone else near them
I know every appearance
I see their latest movie but I don’t remember the plot
I threaten others if they violate their space
But if someone else comes close better to make them feel insecure
Because I feel insecure myself
But they’re insecure right…
I swear they’re winking right at me…
I think I’ll go see them
It’s not like I don’t know where they are…         

I love the things you do  
You make me better everyday
Learning more about the best you are,
Helps me discover 
More about the person I want to be
Exploring new avenues of learning,
Expanding my mind
By the breadth of you
No longer needing to hide
The light in you brings out the light in me

I read an article today about celebrity obsession and thought I would do a side by side comparision poem.  The difference between the two, in my mind, one is about how “I feel”, the other is about how the celebrity influences the writer.  Just my little contribution to the debate about Celebrities and obsession.