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Monday, June 9, 2014

Look, Butterfly

Crystal visions of seeking
While the smoke hangs heavy in the air
Heads bob in the ether
Sour taste in my mouth
Can I taste it on yours?
Warm bodies press closer together
So nice, pressure
Wow, is that my hand?
It’s in yours
How did that happen?
Can we stay forever?
Moments are fleeting
Flittery little bugs that get away from us
If they would only hold still
Would you hold still?
Look a shooting star
Make a wish
Not, me I don’t have wishes
Wishes are for dreamers
Dreaming requires surrender
I don’t have enough ambition
To see me through those dark times
I can only rely on myself
Take what we have now
Don’t question it, just smile
And keeping watching the stars,
Look, another butterfly!