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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Little Thing

So if you’re here tomorrow
Will I be here waiting?
Can we play connect the dots?
What if we match?
Too many times I’ve been left
With an empty bottle and a empty heart
Your time has almost come
So have you
Have you anything to wear to church in the morning?
The priest will be surprised at your appearance
Are we really arguing over inches here?
A little bit too far to the left
And it will all be over
You know where to find me
When you are ready
The papers will be pleased
They will have something to go on
Leads are ever so important
It is better than arguing
The land has been settled
Let’s strike while the time is right
Details can be settled later
Time to straighten up and fly right
We can fly together into the sun
So long a time and so many words
To say a little thing