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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pure Poetry

I started out looking for Prince Charming
The first horse rode up bearing two little dukes
Neither was destined to be mine
They were part of someone else’s fairy tale
So I told my heart I was Sleeping Beauty
And I settled in to rest
I was woken prematurely by a pretender to the throne
My sleep laden eyes were fooled
But still I waited patiently for him to remember my name
Then a flash of sunlight reflected off a golden flip of hair.
I must have been mistaken, This man, here was my prince!
But no, Now I was aware of the world, learning,
There were no more dukes or princes,
There were only jesters, clowns, actors and outlaws.
Now Handsome Princes don’t ride in to sweep pretty Princesses off their feet.
We are expected to stand on our own.