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Monday, March 18, 2013

BOIM Election Irrigularities

This has come to question recently.  What is the value of one man's word?  If one person says something happened is it true?  Does it matter who that person is?  Is the truth the truth whether more people are involved?  One person overhead someone ask the person running the election who was running for election.  The response given was "I can't tell you this, but here is her name ______ and this is how to spell it."  There were also two people that were turned away.  One person happened to be there while a council person and a local democratic committee person were there so their voting rights were not disenfranchised.  The other person was not so lucky.  I think that if one person was disenfranchised that it is a black day indeed for America. I will stand up for every person to have their day to vote, EVEN IF IT IS TO VOTE AGAINST ME! NO ONE SHOULD BE DENIED THE RIGHT TO VOTE! This person feared their job if they came forward with their story.  THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN IN 2013!  The name of the game is TRUTH and what does it mean to YOU!