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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shampoo Rant

I hate going shopping for shampoo!  I love going shopping I just hate trying to find shampoo.  I’m allergic to Sodium Laurel Sulfate and it’s in almost all the product out there.  Also I have long wavy hair that is sometimes dyed, sometimes dry but not always, sometimes oily but not always, and experiences breakages.  That means according to the bottles in the drug and grocery stores I should use every single one of them.  That would be expensive and fruitless.  If only there was a solution for this massive problem.  I know what I would do if I had the ability or time and resources.  I would build a store with the constitute chemicals that make up shampoo and conditioner, maybe even facial products creams and other beauty supplies.  Then I would educate my consumers on the chemicals and allow them to mix their own.  It would be like a Salad works for beauty supplies.  It would be great for those of us with allergies, as we would not have to use fragrances.  Those with difficult hair issues or skin issues could work to find the perfect answer.  It must be true,  all good ideas are found in the bathroom!