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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TV in DR waiting Room

I happen to sit in a lot of doctor’s waiting rooms, a lot.  I’ve noticed a pattern.  The majority of the television stations are set to ABC, our local channel 6.  This means I’ve seen WAY more of The View and Regis and Kelly then anyone should ever have to put up with.  I don’t mind Rachel Ray, in fact I watch her of my own free will, but then comes the *insert curse words of choice* soap operas.  WHY???!!!  It’s not just doctor’s offices that have adopted this practice of showing “non-threatening” television in public places.  I’ve seen this scheduling take place in pizza parlors, dentists(as if that isn’t torture enough), nail salons, and even car service stations.  Now some place do have some variations.  I have seen news channels, usual Fox News( Don’t even get me started), once or twice children’s programming, and CBS, which is game shows in the morning and more bloody soap operas in the afternoons.  I did see food network once or twice in a doctor’s office, which is just wrong unless they are running programs teaching you how to eat healthy.( It was Paula Dean) So what kind of compromise is there?  I’m sure that the programming I am maligning is someone favorite and that they are reading this and screaming at their screen and calling me an idiot.  I know there are programs I like that most people dislike immensely(not many), but there has to be a middle ground.  One average says we spend about five years of our life waiting, FIVE YEARS!!  I know I’ve had doctor’s visits that seemed like I was waiting that long.J  How about something like Bugs Bunny? Everyone likes Bugs Bunny, right….