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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Untitled #828

My eyes are like unruly hounds
They waver, close, and fall asleep
Encumbered with compassion
And the secrets that they keep
Until the moon grows thin
Until the seas run dry
Until the stars go dim
No inconstant, inconsistent love am I


Too many nights lay heavy
Burdened with my pain and your lies
I hope you know that I am ready
To carry your secrets and rise


Until the clock strikes elevens
No need to take it in your head to flee
Lying side by side
The pressure of you against me
I feel your burgeoning love
Laying aside me and mine
No need to move right now
The world itself will be just fine


Everything has a beginning
And everything has an end
The middle is sitting right here.
Time and two and twice again
The sky turns blue and gold.
Morning seeks to part this pair
Should the universe achieve this goal
The whole world will find itself stripped bare.