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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'Twas the penultimate day before Christmas

'Twas penultimate day before Christmas
I sat with no Elf on my shelf
I licked cookie batter off of my fingers And smiled in spite of myself
I had no presents to wrap
No festive lights to hang
I really cannot lie
Amazon is a wonderful thing
The rain was falling down
And splattering on the panes
The children sat school
And wished they had candy canes
The vacuum cleaner was running
Picking up the dust on the floor
If I had to clean anymore s***
I'd scream till I cried no more
Visions of Santa would not come
I was busy crying in pain
If I had to wrap another present
I'd slowly go insane
Christmas has come to mean parties
Gifts and ribbons and strings
We no longer think of the joy
Of the peace the season should bring
So as we sit there on Christmas
And gather with friends and family
Take time to sit and remember
Those struck by war, illness and poverty.