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Monday, December 14, 2015

Bu/y Owner

Whole mostly complete person--

Not too short, just high enough to reach
I will wear sandals when not at the beach Including a heart that's mostly complete
The cracks give it charm, they make it look sweet

As for the brains, I have to be thinking
Of solid more ways to ever be linking
We're all connected, we should be aligned
One day I will find it- true peace of mind

Now to the almost, Which never will be-

I'll never act or model or professionally sing
Don't expect to hear wedding bells ring
Don't wait for my children, they never will be
I don't want your pity. Children are hard you see...

One day in the future, gone we'll all be
My personal Fortune is harder to see
Add in cancer, immune problems and more I'm amazed that I've lived to see 34

This isn't a message, it isn't a plea
It is who I am, a description of me
The outer surface is all that you see
When you reach the middle, my heart will be free