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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

So a Contemplation...

I watched August: Osage County. One thing that always bothered me. Ivy and Little Charles. Admittedly, they never had a chance and the whole incest thing. But it seemed like quiet frankly, she gets screwed. Everything drops on them, as the least messed up of the whole crew. They should have had a happy ending. So I wrote a response from Ivy to Little Charles' song, if they could have been together. Forgive the odd meter and rhymes, I was sort of trying to follow the original. It does work if you sing along. It's streching here and there but c'est la vie!

Ivy's Answer

Well I always had the words you couldn't say
Get the feelings out so they don't get in the way
I'll sing with you with all of my heart
For our feelings
We can't really  hide

I'll write a poem for you each and every day
And a special one each time you are away
I'll fill the world with all our desire
For our feelings
We can't really  hide

No our feeling we can't really hide.

Listen Here.