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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cheating Today... Cleaning out my Facebook Notes...

I can disagree with your ideas
Without disagreeing with you.
I can agrue about religion
Without questioning your faith.
I can live my life in liberty
Without violating your privacy.
I can offer you freedom
Without forcing it on you
I can live in peace with you
Because of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Battle Worn
Missing faces in the crowd
Would you even see me?
I forgive you all your trespasses
If only to be free
The loss of you is without measure
A price too high to pay
Amazing that my heart beats soundly
Battle worn from the fray
They say that time can heal all wounds
But time is infinite
My heart, I fear won’t last as long
Missing it’s perfect fit

Golden Boy
Where have you gone my Golden Boy?
Have your blue eyes faded grey?
Your loving precence is missing
I need your light to guide my way
I call on all the angels
To find this missing trove
For he is surely a treasure
The best magic God has wove
If you're ready to come home now
My heart is open wide
For there's nothing we can't accomplish
Standing side by side

Blue and Grey
A symphony of blue and grey
A fairy that bleeds true red
The colors of a broken heart
The fairy tale that’s at its end
Rapunzel has cut her hair
Cinderella has moved out
Snow White is sleeping with the huntsmen
And Red takes a new route
We cling to childhood dreams
They keeps us from the dark
But Fairy Tales never last
They end in broken hearts

Mystic Bargain
Nights are spent long and sleepless
I wake screaming from a silent nightmare
I reach for your hand to hold close
My grasp finds only empty air

Were you really ever here?
Did my imagination create you from dreams?
My life is fading into stardust
Nothing appears to be what it seems

The green is so vibrant
That words almost fail me
The potential to grow
Bursts forth almost daily

Tiny white flowers nurture and devolve
Blossoming fruit, first bitter then tart
By fortifying the body
We then nourish the heart

Heart being crushed slowly
The pain mounts as blood begins to pool
Was I ever your love
I feel a total and complete fool

My breathing starts to fade
I no longer seem to care
Waiting between heartbeats
The light leave my stare

The words won’t come as quickly
With my heart bleeding on the floor
I wish you could have told me
How I could give you any more

Tell me what I didn’t see
Or anything I could have done
What mistake I might have made
Did I walk where I should have run?

You taken away the sun
My soul starts to wilt in the shade
The landscape turns grey and bleak
Without you love my whole world fades

The mystic bargain has been made
You’ve found the love you claim to seek
I hope you’ve found your heart’s desire
Beware of the havoc that you’ve wreaked


Pedestals are dangerous places
The view is cloyingly sweet
But when you build them yourself
They crumble beneath your feet

It’s hard to remember your place
When you don’t believe in the rules
It’s hard to value your allies
When you think them nothing but fools

Remember where you came from
Saints are rarely beloved
Telling truths is rarely honored
Be wary of those demanding love

We sat and watched
As towers fell
As rains raged
As waves surged
As earth shook
We waited for the world to crumble
We took no action, 
As if we could..
We were the generation lost
To cyberspace
To texting
To tweeting
To Facebook
We were unable to communicate 
Because we felt it all had been said.

Hear the crust of the world cracking
Black clouds cover all the sky
An endless pattern now repeats
People see and sigh
We stop and echo what we see above
Pose in mutual osmosis
Arte and Science break peace of mind
Gifts that they bestow us

Soft and fluffy
Puppy tracks obscured
Dazzling whiteness
Blinding the mind
Drifting through fingers
Melting in a heartbeat
There and then gone
Temporary only

An empty dent in the pillow next to me
The way your hair curls behind your ears
How you fit just so into the curve of my back
Your slightest touch sends me reeling
When are you coming home?
I need my soulmate, my flying companion
Starseeker, return to me
We’ll seek the skies together

Night Love
Being haunted by a painful memory
Blinded by a past that too far away to see
As soon as night as fallen he comes to my side
The pull he has on me is as strong as any tide
Two hearts together baying at the moon
Concentric circles staying in perfect tune
The mists concealing the painful reality
During the daylight our love could never be

Freedom's Cost
Speak no more of fleshy grief
Sigh no more longing sighs
Honor me not with the gnashing of teeth
Sever not all earthly ties

Gather up the troop and trumpet
To protect the flower and bee
For lest we number our earth as home
We never count ourselves free

Freedom is the highest cost
It's price is without measure or number
The cost of living is harmony with our home
Or humanity will forever slumber

Some of these are a bit trite.  But I've grown as a writer... I think.  I hope.