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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Review Deep Breath Doctor Who

So if you have never read my reviews before be warned, I don’t do a standard blow-by blow review.  I’m more about what does it all mean, Easter eggs and predictions.  And cursing *shakes fist* MOFFAT!
First things first. “Girl in the fireplace” didn’t impress me.  There I said it.  I liked Tennant.  I liked Rose.  It just didn’t overwhelm me. Was it Mickey?  In fact when everybody was gushing over it, I went back and gave it a second go round.  Still no.  For period pieces, give me Liz I (Tooth and Claw)(Torchwood!!) or Shakespeare(The Shakespeare Code)(57 academics just punched the air). Maybe it was the bummer ending.  Maybe it was because Tennant was supposed to be in love with Rose and it was against character, I don’t know.  I just never sat well with me.  But oh well, we have a new baddie and I will have to go back and watch it AGAIN. –SIGH-
Can I pause here to say, THREE CHEERS for the PaterNostor gang?  I love these guys! This is how to handle multi-companion storylines without over doing it.  (Ahem, Peter Davidson era I’m looking at you!) The TARDIS seemed crowded when they had all those companions and since the TARDIS is infinite that’s pretty hard.  And here is where we shake our fists at MOFFAT! We heard more of Strax and Vastra’s back stories today. But what do we know about Jenny’s back story?  And then it hit me.  Jenny.  JENNY! Moffat always said he was going to bring her back but he never said he was going to bring Georgia Moffat back!   She could have regenerated!  She might not want The Doctor to know who she is.  And working for the PaterNostor gang would seem to fit in perfectly with the budding personally that Jenny (the Doctor’s Daughter) had. MIND BLOWN!
So, back to the regeneration of The Doctor.  I see a lot of Colin Baker’s regeneration in this regeneration, at least for now.  When Peter Davidson changed into Colin Baker there was much chaos and confusion.  In fact, the Doctor tried to kill his companion.  All in all, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has adjusted slightly better to being doctor, I think.  But he is darker.  I don’t remember another Doctor advocating genocide. In fact in Genesis of the Daleks, he argues strongly against it! This darkness calls to mind the Valeyard.  I think that The Doctor is now the Valeyard! This accounts for the Timelords interference at Trenzalore and maybe even that last scene.  I’m betting that that is the Matrix.  But if that is the Matrix is this all a dream?  How far back?  I know everyone hated the tacked on ending at the end of Trial of a TimeLord, but series do that all the time now.  It wouldn’t be farfetched for Moffat to pull from old episodes.  And who is the mysterious woman at the end of the episode?  I heard lot of theories from Mary Poppins to Madame de Pompadour.  My personal theory?  The Rani! If that truly is the Matrix than the Time Lords could have put her there for punishment or is she in the Doctor’s imagination for some reason.

So those are my thoughts, at least for now.  I’m sure we’ll have many more clips and spoilers before next week’s episode.  Knowing MOFFAT, purposely misleading! Allons-y

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