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Monday, February 10, 2014

Nerd Girl Dilemma

I’ve figured out the Nerd girl’s ultimate dilemma.  You wouldn’t want him even if you could have him.  I know I sound insane but let me posit a scenario.   Your eyes meet across the crowded convention floor ( the only place you would have the chance of running into each other).  You manage to snag a few brief minutes of conversation in an out of the way back room crowded with other people also trying to hide from crazed fans.  This, of course, is against all the odds.  Supposing you do manage to hit it off, every date and minute you are together is brutally splashed about the tabloids, TMZ and social media.  If you make it through the travails of dating, then comes marriage.  This is even worse.  Forget a private ceremony.  Every fan girl will be camped outside weeping.  The reporters will be hip deep.  There is no way to keep it simple.  Suppose after this, you decide to have children.  Every decision you make about your children would be criticized. What you feed them, where you send them to school, when you send them to bed, everything would be an open book.  They would never have a private moment.  Would you really want this for your children?  Now, you could ask your future husband to give up his career for hearth and home, but then you would get death threats from your former fan girl buddies.  You would also have to be very secure in yourself.  I don’t know many fan girls that are.  Your husband would constantly have to kiss and feign making love to other women.  There would constantly be rumors that he was leaving you for so and so.  He also would be constantly traveling.  You would either have to travel with him or trust him immensely.  So this is the fan girl’s ultimate dilemma.  You constantly crave something that is something that not the goal.  Or you can change yourself to become the person that is able to sustain a real relationship.