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Saturday, February 1, 2014


So I had a few people tell me I should watch Sherlock, the BBC version not the American one with Lucy Lui.  I had nothing to do and I looked and a new episode was on demand.  D@n you MOFFAT! I was hooked.  I went back and watched all 8 episodes that were us available at the time.  8 episodes for 3 seasons.  You sonofa, Moffat.  Every time! I cried at the end of season two even though I had already seen most of season 3.  I also realized that no character can achieve higher intelligence than the author who pens them.  I have watched many sci-fi, fantasy and comic based shows and movies.  I think that if all the minds at comic con sat down and concentrated they would have the power to save the world.  It seems like the old prejudices against nerds still remains.  No matter how cool we currently are.  When is the last time we elected a congress person that had the mental acuity to solve a crime novel before the detective in the book?  Or maybe a senator who waited in line all night for tickets to see a movie about aliens?  Most nerds and geeks have massive amounts of data storage in their brains.  I also can't imagine the mess up with the Obamacare website happening with nerds in charge.  Maybe it's time for the Nerds and Geeks to rise up and take over.  The streets will run black with the ink of comic books!