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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What is normal?

So I'm trying this new diet, this #paleo thing.  Now, I'm not supposed to call it a #diet.  It's a #lifestyle #change.  And it really is.  I mean so much of the stuff we eat is crap.  I was in the store buying meat and a package of #turkey #sausage had #potato in it.  I mean, REALLY?  I know I'm not going to catch everything and I'm not going to worry if little things slip through but I really will try to do this as hard as it is.  I have noticed a few changes already.  I am having less #digestive issues.  I do feel a little bit more energetic. Hard not to feel better then I WAS feeling, which was rotten.  But the main thing is my memory seems to be improving.  I was sitting in Church today and I had a flash from a long ago birthday party.  I was in eight grade.  I remembered buying a brand new pair of blue jeans for the party, size 14.  I was wearing about a size 38C.  I also remember playing hide and seek in the dark.  The girl whose #birthday we were #celebrating had just moved to a new house. She had previously lived in a twin house, very similar to mine.  We were not close friends but in a same class in a parochial school everyone was friendly.  Now she had a large house in a #private #community (not gated or anything but well to-do).  I had bought my jeans at #K-Mart.  I guess I had a solid upbringing because the one thing I don't remember was ever being jealous.  We all accept the #statusquo if that's all we know.  Once we open #Pandora's Box we have to keep it open and let out the #hope too.