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Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's Hide the Fat Girls!

I had a few spare minutes this afternoon.  I was in the #CherryHill mall in #NJ.  I deiced to stop in #JCPenny.  I looked on the first floor, no women's #clothes were in plain view so I headed upstairs.  Ah-ha, I said, here are are the women's clothes!  After looking through the entire second floor, there were no large sizes to be found.  I casually inquired of the clerk where I could find the "real" women's sizes.  I was told very politely, "oh it's just downstairs (wait a minute, wasn't I just there?) make a right, then a left and through the hallway."  Huh?  After following these complicated directions, almost like trying to find the buried treasure on a pirate map, there was the women's (#plus) department.  It was out of view.  Where no one could see it.  Are we as a society so #ashamed of ourselves that we hide away our problems like the dirty laundry?  Also, I was appalled with the selection of clothing!  The other departments had a whole floor between #juniors, and #Petites and #women's (normal sized).  The #Plus department had 10 racks, maybe 20.  Yes, we have an #Obesity #Epidemic in this country but the sizing in the  #fashion #industry needs to change.  The average women wears a size 14.  For model work, on the runway, a #plus size #model is size 8.  Look at the disconnect between those two numbers.  We do need to get healthier as a nation but we will never do it with #unachievable goals!  The fashion industry has given us indigestion.  It is not the root of the problem but fixing it will help us feel much better.  The country needs to take it's metaphoric medicine.  It won't hurt too much I promise.