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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Music In Other Words…

My Dad was an English teacher for nigh unto 35 years. He used to use many tricks to try the class involved and attentive. One that he pulled out around this time of year was a quiz called “Are our Auditory Perceptions Similar?” He would have a list of phrases and then the students would have to “translate” them.  Sounds similar in a lot of ways to hashtag wars to me! If I was using it like that I would call it #Christmasmusicinotherwords The first one BTW is “Do you hear what I hear?”
Are Our Auditory Perceptions Similar?
Cobalt Noel
Unto Others A Joyous Yuletide Aspiration
Bring Forth the Frozen Precipitation
Hail Petite Hamlet on the West Bank
Hail Revered Eventide
Kris Kringle Approaches the Municipality
Muteness Falls From Dusk Till Dawn
Argentate Tintinnabulums
Achromatic Twenty Fourth Day of December*(only so many ways you can say it you know)
Caribou of a Specific Name with Crimson Color Proboscis