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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Spoilers, Sweeties!

Finally! We have anniversary goodies from the Beebs!  Since it's almost time to air the the episode it's about time.  Two trailers, yeah!  I swear I see Jenny.  I think I heard River Song.  I at least saw her bracelet (which was Jack's).  We have the return of Bad Wolf.  Also a looming big red button and marching Time Lords.  My only question is why are they staring at ten to the hour?  That's just odd.  Maybe that's a brit thing, I don't know.  The original episode aired at 5:15pm (tea time, you know).  But if by some miracle of modern science you haven't seen the latest trailers, here are the  short one the long one and Elizabeth's credential's.  Have fun and Allons-y! (Guess which Doctor I like?!)