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Monday, November 4, 2013


I know that there are a hundred million ads on tv right now. I want to borrow your ears for one minute. My father was a teacher(retired). My brother teaches college. My cousins teach. My niece intends to teach. I know a lot of teachers. I have listened to what Chris Christie has said about education. He sent $1 to certain school districts. Technically, that is sending money. I wouldn't brag about it though. He was very bad to teachers. Teachers help raise the next generation. If our teachers are not happy they will not do a good job. What is your child's future worth? I am a Democrat. Even if I wasn't, even if I was a Republican, I would vote for Buono because we can't let Chris Christie destroy our schools. If someone in the campaign had reached out to me, I would have suggested the slogan "Go, Go, Vote for Buono!" But no one asked, I'm not important. However, we can make a difference. Go out and vote, help shape the future by making sure your children's is bright. 

Go, Go Vote for Buono!