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Friday, October 11, 2013

Is the BBC screwing with us?

Ok, Is it just me?  It seems odd that when new episodes of Doctor Who happen to show up they are much regarded episodes and almost completely intact.  I know the original rumors were that almost all the lost episodes were found.  From almost 100 episodes to 9, that seems odd.  Also that the episodes found were intact episodes.  I am not old enough to remember when previous episodes were recovered but weren't they found in drips and drabs.  The two serials found are key serials.  Web of Fear is one of the most sought after episodes.  Enemy of the World is also one of the most sought after because of the dual role of Patrick Troughton.  Also the BBC didn't release them until they were digitally restored.  That means they had them for quite a while BEFORE they had the press release.  This coincides with the original rumors.  The original rumors said they came from Nigeria which was true.
Here's my theory.  The BBC has all the episodes.  They are digitally restoring them and are going to release them slowly over a long period of time to make as much money as possible off of them.  I think the only reason they released these early was because they couldn't hold off the rumors anymore.
If it's true we'll find out soon enough...