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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What’s up G4/Esquire?

Nine months ago I said goodbye to some good friends.  I saw them every weekday, sometimes on the holidays.  (4/20 is holiday isn’t?) I was told that they had to go to a nice farm in the country.  Ok.  Not Really.  I’m talking about G4 being acquired by Esquire and telling Attack of the Show to vamoose.  I, along with many, many geeks, was rightfully upset.  I have had nine months, however, to understand and try to come to terms with this terrible loss to geekdom.  I have now found out that Esquire, in addition to acquiring the rights to G4’s signal, have acquired an additional signal.  They now have TWO channels on my TV.  One is still called G4 and is running reruns of COPS CAMPUS PD HEROS LOST AIRWOLF and various infomercials.  The one called ESQUIRE has a few new programs and has filled the rest of its time with various movies, reruns and you guessed it, INFOMERCIALS.  For this we gave up our channel of geekdom?  Our Nerdtopia?  Please someone out there start a fundrazr to buy back G4 with Kevin and Olivia and Chris.  Chris can run it.  I’m sure he wants his own tv network.  Pretty Please?  With a cherry on top?