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Thursday, September 12, 2013

50th Anniversary Day of The Doctor WHERE ARE THE ZYGONS AND QUEEN ELIZABETH?

Wow that's a long title.  Well, let's start with what we know, supposedly. 75 minutes long, offered simulcast on TV and selected theaters world wide.  There will be the bio-pic about Verity Lambert, the first producer of Doctor Who, and what it took to get it running.  There is supposed to be an "unannounced" surprise coming yet.  Rumors are also running that several of the Classic Doctors were seen hanging around the BBC, carring signs that said "No Classic Doctor, No Who", but of course this could be a red herring,

So you’re looking at them handsome gentlemen not quite smiling up there, and saying, what is wrong with this poster.  Well, most people were soo busy having heart palpitations over the pretty boys, I was busy examining the rest of the poster.  One of the first things I notice was under MATT SMITH’S armpit is a brick wall with BAD WOLF on it.  Well know we know which version of Ten and ROSE we will be receiving. Also notice what is MISSING, the Zygons!  I never saw the 70's epsiode in which they were features but after all the fuss they made they should be on the poster.  Neither is Queen Elizabeth or the actress that is supposed to play her Joanne Page.  Hmm...   Then I noticed the shadow for John Hurt has a longer scarf then he is wearing.  I think it is a way to honor Tom Baker with out him being in the program.  Then, who could miss the giant mechanical hand, the stairwell, and the burning DALEKS.  Although they were announced previously.  If you look Careful behind John Hurt you can see the TARDIS, maybe exploding,There also appear to be Cybermen and a Time Lord Seal.  Also the cloud formation behind Matt is more squared off and the clouds behind Tennant are more round.  This appears to match the time tunnel for the credits.  I hope stuff comes out soon.  REAL SOOOOONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!