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Thursday, July 18, 2013

It Is The Length That Matters… The Strap Length That IS

So is it just me or have people forgotten how to adjust guitar straps?  It seems to be an epidemic lately!  It sounds catty maybe but if you are performing on stage you have to think about stage presence and how you look to your audience.  I have seen a rash of performers, both male and female, with guitars that are too high or low on their body or too small or large for their frame.  Yes, it is an instrument and it matters what it sounds like but if you like Alice in Wonderland or like you stole your kid’s toy it destroys the image of a rock god!  I know this isn’t my usual rant but I needed to get this out there.  Your guitar should be proportional to your body and sit at your hip.  Also if you don’t have your guitar strap situated properly, you will sustain injuries to your shoulders, hands, hips, and fingers.  Sorry, just wanted to rant!