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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Sharp word on Pointy things… Razors

I’m not sure about everyone else but these new and improved razors are neither new nor improved.  They have flexible heads.  Why? If you are shaving any part of the human anatomy you will certainly find bumps.  Bumps mean cuts and razor burn which hurt like the dickens.  Also a portion of the population (namely me) has shaky hands.  Shaky hands and a flexible head razor together foretell the start of a horror movie.  The handles have improved but for people with certain hand issues that can cause trouble.  A thicker handle with rubber grips would be a start in the right direction.  I can’t complain too much about the amount of blades.  The more blades on a smaller surface the less surface area each blade touches.  This basic knowledge of physics has saved me many Band-Aids and tissues to stop bleeding.  I simply look for the highest blade count.  Unfortunately, they have decided to drop the blade counts.  I have trouble finding 5 blades and 4 are starting to disappear too.  The other thing they do is put these moisture bars around the blades themselves.  All the bars do is make the surface your trying to shave slick.  If you wanted that, you would use shaving cream.  Don’t put added lubrication on the handle of the sharp object you are placing against delicate places of your skin.  As far as packaging in the store, I understand that you have to have the teaser pack with only one replacement blade.  Why not offer a second option with a full replacement set of razors and a small lotion bottle for a little more money?

In fact why not do what the bathing suit companies have now started to embrace, mix and match?  I think a company could stand to make a lot of money by coming out with a line of razors that were mix and match.  Offer several different handles.  Think and sleek, Male and Female, one for those with motor issues, even training handle.  Then offered separately the blades, that fit only your company’s handles.  Different blade counts, pivot or not pivoting, with or without lotion strips.  My goodness you could even offer different scented strips to change out every day!