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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Wishes When most girls are small they eventually sit around in a group and plan their weddings. It’s inevitable. Something in the female psyche craves this exercise. I’m not sure whether it is a case or one up-man-ship(I’ll have 2 more bridesmaids then you) or something more primal. We have an animal instinct to perpetuate the species. We are told to have children we must be married, therefore we have to get married. I remember sitting in a circle with other girls talking about dresses, bridesmaids, colors, but never really important was the guy you were marrying. Isn't that a bit backward? I must of had a tad more imagination then some of my friends I planned out my children, with names even. I could tell you what they looked like and some brief personality traits. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Maybe it would be entertaining to someone. So here is my wedding that will never be, partially because I don’t date and partially because it would be extremely hard for me to have children. (Nothing is impossible, But I’m not holding my breath!) The Details A church wedding of course… The dress is handmaid to a drawing I've been working on for years updating each time my body shape changes The bridesmaids enter in increasing height order in dresses that start in a darker colors then gradually lighten leading to the light pink of the flower girl, then the white of the wedding dress Also the bridesmaids hair starts in a complicated braiding and up do, then the next is less complicated, etc, until the brides hair is down in simple curls with flowers pined into her hair All the bouquets for the girls are simple gathers of a flowers matching the dress. The bride has a simple gather of white roses. The ushers have ties and cummerbunds that match their bridesmaid, also paired according to height. Songs: “There is love” “Hosea” (And Amazing Grace, ‘cause this ain't happening) A reception at a hotel with an open bar The tables have linens to match the bridesmaids dresses. The place setting is simple. In stead of flower centerpieces, there are edible arrangements and there are disposable cameras at all the tables. The menu is a simple buffet with three meat options and two non meat options. The wedding cake would be traditional. There would be a grooms cake and cupcakes. There would be a DJ and two separate rooms for Karaoke and cards. And a Barrista.  The Kids First Born: Katherine Marie Dark Black hair short Very book smart Not a outdoors person or sports person Second Born: Mitchell : Smart Brown hair Green Eye Very willing to please just about anyone sort of short semi okay at both sports and school but kind of an underachiever Third born: Colleen Catherine Very red hair and bright green eyes. Very athletic Tallest of the lot likes to read

N.B.  The thing about wishes , of course, is that you NEVER SPEAK THEM OUT LOUD. Or write them for that matter.  So there go that.  Not that I had any shot at all but maybe someone will get some use out of my color scheme or something.