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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#T-Mobile #Samsung Phone sucks

I am a consumer and I buy things.  When I find a company that makes good products I stick with that company.  I have been getting good products from #Samsung for quite a few years.  However recently, my #SamsungGalaxy phone started having problems.  I know the models is a few years old so I went to #T-Mobile to talk about my options.  Since my contract was not up, I could not get a new phone without paying full price.  I could not get a free replacement phone because I did not have insurance (I take care of my electronics).   My only option without out spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone was to pay twenty bucks for a replacement phone. They couldn‘t possibly send me a replacement that was exactly my phone because it isn‘t made anymore apparently, even though I only bought it 6 moths ago.  The phone that #T-Mobile sent me is the #Samsung #Nexus.  It can’t find a Wi-Fi signal, can’t access my e-mail, have the time it can’t upload what it’s trying to upload and took almost two days to download all the apps I use.  I am surprised the #Samsung made such an inferior product.

N.B. I went back to T-Mobile. They refunded my twenty dollars and they let me keep my #Samsung Galaxy.  Real rich of them.  The guy reset my phone and said don't put so many apps on it. Funny. Real funny.