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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pressure and Vacation

So my Dad asked me an interesting question, Why are you sleeping so much on vacation?   See I have been resting a lot at home and I do tend to narcolepsy but not catalepsy. But this vacation was different.  I had been taking two to four hour naps in the middle of the day.  I thought it over.  Was I eating differently?  Had I largely changed my sleeping patterns?  Was over/under doing it on caffeine?  No.  I realized that I was able to relax completely.  I didn’t have to watch every single word I said.  No one knew me here.  There was no chance of the small town grape vine analyzing every move I made, every thing I eat, even where I shopped.( always local of course) It had been such a relief of pressure that my body simply took that time to sleep, which is the body’s healing state.  I wonder how much stress all of us are under in this face book oriented world of ours.  We all have every move judged.  We have every picture critiqued.  We are told what is best for us and expected to do it through the sheer pressure of peers alone.  No one tells the children to behave anymore, their friends pressure them to behave within the norm.  If no one complains that someone cuts in line than that makes it okay.  We should start using this system to our advantage to fix our society before it rots to it core.  When someone’s child runs in the mall, all the adults should help the parent discipline that child.  When a person with 40 items is in the express check out lane, everyone should help the clerk move them to another line.  Peer Pressure works both ways and I’m glad to be rid of some of mine.